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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shes doing great!

Sorry I havent been on in awhile to post! Things were pretty hectic and starting to settle alittle. Brielle was born June 1 at 8:52pm by emergeancy C section. She weighed 1.66 lbs and was 12" long. I started to have contractions around 12 Tuesday. They called my Dr. who said that it was possibly an infection starting to set it. They were going to watch her heart rate and if it went above 170 that meant infection. Also were going to watch my temperature to go up meant I had an infection. About 7 my contractions were really bad and about 3-4min apart. By about 8 my Dr was here and we were on our way to the c-section. I was so scared. It was too early!!!! When I woke up from surgery, Heather E the nurse that was here the night my water broke was still in recovery with me. It was nice to atleast see a familiar face. She has gone thru the whole 3 weeks with us as well as SO many other nurses that I just adore for all their hard work and dedication to helping us thru these 4 weeks! I asked Heather how she was doing and she said great! Just hearing those words was so nice! She said she had really good color and weighed 1.66lbs. They took me back to our room and my family was calmer as well. They said that the NICU nurses all came out smiling and even stopped for a brief moment so they could all see her since she was doing so well. What a relief!!!! She is definately a trooper!! NICU said she is fiesty! Which is a good thing!! She wrapped her tiny little fingers around Joshs finger yesterday for the first time. She knows his voice and starts to wiggly when he talks. She was wearing Joshs wedding rings as a bracelet! It was so big on her!! She has been on room air! So miraculous for her gestation! She was born at 24 wks 2 days. So far she is beating all the odds! Nurses said shes doing wonderful and I will try to update daily on her progress! Thank you to everyon for all the love and support!!! We cant thank the nurses, NICU, & doctors here enough!!! We not only gained a daughter out of this but we gained a whole new family!!


  1. Just got done reading your wonderful post from today. It was awesome reading! So glad to hear positive things. How are you feeling. Hope you are able to get some rest. Take good care of yourself. Love Debbie

  2. Thank you for updating us, we know it has been a whirl wind and we appreciate the information you have been able to share through your blog and facebook! Congratulations again and we are still wishing you the best as Brielle grows!

  3. Oh, Amber! What a week for you and Josh! Brielle is so beautiful! Can't wait to see her in person. Theda's NICU is amazing. The Valley is so fortunate to have such a top notch facility. Brielle will be able to join Nicole & Justin when they have the NICU infant reunions!! :)

  4. Josh and Amber...I cannot believe what you have been thu this past week...She is doing sooo good, couldn't believe when Josh told me they were going to give her a nuc!!!! I love the wedding ring picture that Josh took when I was there:) Love you guys!