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Sunday, April 17, 2011

March for Babies

We had our March for Babies (dimes) walk yesterday. The weather was HORRIBLE! Around 40 degrees and down pouring raining and snowing. Needless to say we did not walk. Just from walking to the building to register to walk, our feet got SOAKED. I also did not want to take Brielle in the cold and get her sick. So our group just hung out inside. We then went to the mall and did our walk :P We raised $400! Thank you to all our friends and family who donated! I made a poster for March for babies and it was displayed there along with about 8 others. There were 4 babies out of the 9 that did not make it. I was choked up reading the stories. One was twins (Bryce & Breanna) born at 23 weeks. One was 1lbs 6oz one was 1bbs 2oz if I remember correctly and did not make it. They lived 40 minutes in their parents arms. How sad! Kills me! They reason that they probably died in their parents arms were because they were born before 24 weeks! In my opinion if a baby comes out breathing and a parent wants to try to save that baby, then the baby should atleast be given the chance to survive. I just dont know if I could live with myself knowing that nothing was done! I know in the hospital we were given the option to terminate. We were given every worse case scenerio there was. Look where we are today. We have a pretty healthy, happy, miracle! a 24 week miracle! a whooping 1lbs 6.60z miracle! All things are possible!! I just wish there was awareness. Not that I'm saying all babies are the same, but if you dont give a child the opportunity to show you what they are capable of, how will you ever know??? As long as Brielle was on the vent, noone could tell us what her lungs were going to be. They are pretty good! So good she kicked her oxygen not even 4 months after coming home!!! Our pulmanologist was pretty impressed given her background!! So I hope that the awareness gets out there and these babies who have no say get advocates thru their parents!! I am getting up the courage to write my story on the kanalen page. Soon enough!