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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When Babys Good Mamas Good

We got to hold Brielle tonight again for the first time since the 17th! Thats like forever!!! Well atleast it seemed like forever! Bri did VERY well! She actually went down on her sats when I was holding her!! YAY! She had her eyes open pretty much the whole time she was kangarooing. Grandma Cindy came to see her tonight and got to see her out of her pod for the first time! She was alittle constipated so she got some help and she out pooped her diaper and all over her blankets! Way to go Bri! She probably lost an ounce now tho! hehe. Atleast she feels better! Good start to a new month!!!


  1. Yay!!!!! Two lbs....she must look chunky compared to a week ago! :) (Can you look chunky at 2 lbs.?? Don't think so.) Go, Brielle! xxx

  2. Was awesome being able to see Bri out of her pod!!!! She is so beautiful! Love her first prom dress Great Grandma Simon sent up for her:) I love these good days! Keep it up Bri we're praying for you! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!