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Friday, June 18, 2010


Brielle is worn out as are mommy and daddy! She is back on the intubator so she has her breathing tube down her throat now. She was so tired from doing it on her own for so long that they had to go back to her throat. She did amazing tho, we think, for being on the prongs and doing alot herself. Like nurse Laura described it as, Its like running a marathon nonstop. You just get worn out and cant do it anymore. Thats where Bri was. So she is getting alittle more help. So far, she is liking it! She was at 43% oxygen when we left and she has been around 60%s the last 2 days or so when we were there. We let her rest today and didnt hold her. We will see how tomorrow goes.


  1. Hi Amber! I know you missed holding your little one tonight but it's the best thing. One day when my trips were in the NICU my hubby's folks came and held them too much and over tired them. They started dropping their body temp and not tolerating their feedings. The NICU nurses told me I couldn't do kangaroo care that evening with them or even touch them. I was devastated! But they were much better by the next day. I was grateful. Hang in there! Bri will rebound!

  2. There will be many many days to hold her:) Each day is another day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. Josh and Amber - I could feel you guys were a little disappointed or let down a little tonight when I saw you. You have to remember these people have had years and years and years of experience with preemies They only have concern and only want what is best for your precious daughter and you would want it no other way. You two take good care Love Debbie