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Monday, June 21, 2010

All the prayers are being answered!

YAY! Brielle PEED!!!! Never thought I'd be so happy about pee!!!! I left the hospital for an hour and a half to let out the girls and feed them and came back to the GREAT news she PEED! AND she is on ROOM AIR!!! YAY BRI!!!! All the prayers from everyone must be being answered!!!! Thanks everyone!!! I hope she keeps on getting better and better and back to her strong, fiesty, trooper self!


  1. Yip----pee Yip---pee for Brielle! What a little trooper she is. Glad to hear the little one is still fighting. Josh and Amber please hold on tight, you two have been given a very difficult task to handle and I KNOW you can do it for your little peanut. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. Excellent! God's strength be with you all. OOO

  3. GO BRI!!!! Something so little to get so excited over huh? Very rough day but she is a tropper and showed us again today just how much of a fighter she is! I truly believe all the prayers were answered today, YOU GOTTA KEEP THE FAITH!!! Tomorrow will be a brighter day...and one more day closer to bringing her home...ohhhhhh how exciting that will be!!! Love you guys!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a rollercoaster! I cant believe the ups and downs you are going through as a family. I am happy that we keep getting some good news! She is really fighting, its amazing what a little baby can do when put to the test. Keep staying strong and taking it day by day.
    BTW Haha Aunt Debbie!

  5. Even though you haven't heard from us, that doesn't mean you all haven't been in our thoughts and prayers!!!! Been following the blog and showed the kids the pictures....she's so sweet! Will continue to ask God to sustain you all during this challenging time!!!!

    Love, Jon Trecia Tyler Abby and Rachel