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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brielle is doing very well!! Amazing, as most nurses put it, for her size and age. She is 26 weeks gestation today. Almost 2 weeks old. She is off of all her IVs. She is still on the CPAP breathing tube and the feeding tube, thats it. How good is that!!!!! She weighed in at 1lbs 5.2oz. Like the nurses said, she lost some cords and her IV stuff so its hard to get an accurate weight right now. She poops alot too for a little girl, so shes losing there :P I held her for the 3rd time tonight! It never gets old!!! The switched her nose tube to a different type with smaller tubes that go in her nose since she kept yanking them out, so she has a little tiny hat on now. How did they find one that small we keep wondering!!!!???!!!! So cute. Our little peanut! No matter what kind of day Im having, that little girl always puts a smile on my face! she doesnt even know it!!


  1. Awesome! So glad to hear the she is doing well. Thinking of you guys.

  2. Glad you were able to make it to Chase's grad party! Wish Bri could have joined us! Thanks for bringing pictures to share! Love you guys!