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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddys turn!

Daddy got to Kangaroo with Brielle tonight!! She did pretty good but got fussy towards the 2 hour mark. Turns out she had a poopy diaper, so mama got her first poo diaper! She got the little hiccups again. Still sounds like a squeaky mouse!! She is pretty tiny but she can definately fuss and cry! Its nice to hear her cry tho! She has some lungs on her thats for sure! Our nurse, Terry, had me put Bri back in her pod tonight. Scary but O so cool at the same time! We are starting to get more hands on, which is exciting! Helps us feel like were the parents like Terry was telling us tonight.
Were hoping in a few weeks we can dress her! Tery went and starting getting "the girl a wardrobe" hehe. We brought her blanket from grandma Kris to kangaroo her with. Its sooo soft! She is up to 10ml and will increase to 11ml at 1:30am and then 1 ml every 12 hours up to 13ml. she is handling it very well. She had her nuc quite a bit tonight and was sucking very well! She got cranky when it fell out! She is up to 1 lbs 5.5 oz! Almost back to birth weight!


  1. We Love Terry! She was so comforting. She helped us also get more involved in our childrens lives at the NICU. Please tell her how much we miss her. Keep enjoying all these benchmarks of your daughters journey into this wonderful world.

  2. She had her little eyes open almost all the while I was there today! I think she loves her grandma:) I absolutley love the picture of Daddy looking thru the pod and Mommy's hand in hers! Love you guys!