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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


You read it right!!!!! She is back on the conventional breathing machine! She still has the tube down her throat but she is doing very well!!! She was at 40% oxygen right when they switched her which is great! And when she is down in the 30%s then she will get the prongs back in her nose (CPAP). She got to be transfered to a clean Isolet today too. So same kind just clean home. And she tolerated both changes very well!! So happy!! She looks good! She doesnt look as puffy, and she is only down to 2 lbs 1.3 oz. YAY!! So she is still 2 lbs! Barely but we will take it!! Hoping that we can hold her in the next day or so!!! Maybe she will do good the rest of the day and Laura will let me hug her :) But not counting my chickens before they hatch quite yet. Just would make mamas day :)

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  1. Josh and Amber My goodness it just makes one's heart just soar when I hear some good news on Brielle. Hope and pray she can keep going forward now without too many set backs.. It seems she is continuing to stay strong and that's awesome. So glad YOUR day was better. Take good care. Love Debbie