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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy! We had Aydens memorial service today. It was VERY nice I thought. We had about 35 close family and friends. My dad put together a very nice service and had Aydens foot prints and pics of his feet and hands and made a cross necklace for Ayden. They also had a blanket the hospital sent home we wrapped around the urn. We also had pics of Bri, showing how well she is fighting in honor of her brother. My mom bought us a pic frame that scrolls thru the digital pics so we had that on display too. Although it was so hard to say goodbye, we know Ayden is being spoiled in Heaven by all his Grandpas. He is in good hands! We will never forget our precious little boy.

Brielle is still striving! She seems to be getting more and more active daily. Shes always stretching and swinging her arms everywhere. Pushing tubes out of the way and pushing daddy away. lol She likes to try to help the nurses change her diaper or do the ultrasounds etc. Shes a pointer. Her finger is always out pointing at something. We heard her fuss alittle bit this morning. Grandpa Brad and Grandma Cindy and Great grandma Simon got to hold her hand today. They would have been 25 weeks gestation. and 5 days old today!


  1. Josh and Amber I agree with you the service was really really nice he did an excellent job. Everything was so very touching! The little altar was so personal with Ayden's things it was as if we could feel him. You two are very strong. Take good care of youselves. Love Debbie

  2. It was a beautiful memorial service! Very moving and beatiful! Thank you for letting me go up with you to the hospital and hold her precious little hand...I did not think I would be able to do that for along time so it really helped me get thru the day easier! If the grandparents are not spoiling him enough his Aunt Memorie and cousin Troy sure will be! I'm sure they now their way around heaven pretty good! Will be looking for another bright shining star at night when I go to bed now!
    Love you guys! Mom/Grandma Cindy