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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Bri is a week old today!! I Hope the next 3 months go this fast!!! The NICU doctor said the first week is important and shows us kind of how shes going to do things. And so far she said shes impressed them all!! YAY Bri! She is 1 lbs 4.5oz today. She had her brain scan this morning so waiting on results. She had a blood transfusion today which is common for her age and will have many more, so she has IVs and tape all over her little head :( Her white count is up so they were doing tests to see if she had an infection yet. She was very fussy and cranky when we were up tonight and was crying! I feel so helpless! Shes never cried that much! She had a lot going on today! Transfusion, chest xrays, blood tests. Lot for alittle girl! She had the nuc for the first time! But then wouldnt take it for dad tonight. She had alot of bradys and apneas (a's & b's) where she stops breathing and we would rub her sides and get her to breath again and she came right out of them. Me and dad changed her diaper. Josh is still alittle hesitant but hes getting better. I was more hesitant at the beginning than he was. She is up to 5ml of food now. And tolerating well so she will go up 1ml every 12 hours. She sucks on her feeding tube when we feed her. lol atleast she knows shes getting fed and knows she needs to suck! After her feeding she calmed down. Must have been a hungry girl!! She knows when and what she wants thats for sure!!!

-Heather E (theda nurse) I left a comment on yesterdays post/your comment. Wanted to make sure you seen it :)


  1. You will be seeing those A's and B's for a while and think they will never come to an end, but they do. Paytyn still has Apnea spells but I Like to think of it as though she thinks she's a princess and does not always have to breathe. That is what helps me get through the beeps.

  2. A week old! I can't believe it!!! Sounds like she really went thru alot today. Thank goodness for the NICU at Theda Clark..they really are wonderful and explain anything you have questions about! When I was there yesterday that happened but the nurse told me she was just saying Hi:) Josh used to change Chase's diapers all the time...lol but he was not this tiny! Love you guys!