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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Better day!

Brielle is doing better today! She is getting another blood transfusion today. She has blood in her stool so they are trying to figure that out next. Not too worried about it, but worried. Dr. Abe said that because she has such big poops for a little peanut she may have torn her bottom. Or it could mean a virus. Her tummy xray looks good. So we will wait this one out. Her potassium level looks good so he is stopping that medicine. He was really really worried about that level yesterday so that is good new she is lowering that! Right along with the good news of her peeing!! She was getting antsy when I was there this morning. Trying to look all around and move her legs and her hands so they sedated her again. She still has her heart murmur. He isnt going to worry about it right now, but will repeat the echo in a few days. They couldnt get a good view of her heart yesterday with her lungs so expanded. She is still very very puffy from all the fluids they are pumping her with, so I dont have an accurate weight. They havent been weighing her either because it'd be so off. But she looks like she is over 2lbs now. she looks huge! hehe someday!


  1. Ohhh Happy Day!!! I know I talked to you this morning but glad I caught your post before I went to bed...I can hear Josh laughing at me...Love you guys!