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Monday, June 14, 2010

Brielle went alittle backwards today but they said that would be normal. She is back on her other CPAP machine that has the longer nose peices that she hates! This one guarantees she breathes 30 on her own and just helps her with the rest, where the one she was one she had to do more on her own and she was getting to tired. Shes too little yet! Plus Dr. Katie said she thinks her lung is still alittle collapsed so that will help her as well. Chest XRAY tomorrow. She is at her full feedings now and tolerating them well. She is on Procel a protein supplement. Also on Vitamin D and Iron. More poops for dad!!! She is up to 1lbs 5.25 oz and 12.5" long. Shes staying steady at growing .25" a week! Maybe she will be walking out of there like Uncle Troy predicts!!!

Daddys turn to hold little Miss tonight! Will be his 3rd time!!


  1. Josh and Amber Sorry to hear abour her little set back Brielle is a fighter all the way. The Drs. and nurses are the best. Hang in there. I went shopping today because I remember seeing a store that sold preemie clothes. Well I found it. The size is P 0-5 pounds. Well of course I had to get a couple of outfits. They will probably be a little big even yet but before you know it, Brielle will be picking out what SHE wants to wear. Like our Alyssa - she wants to pick out what SHE wants to wear together--ha ha we can't blame her miss match clothes on Justin anymore.. Take care. Love Debbie

  2. I think we expect of few of these set backs even though we do not like them...she is such a trooper and the she is in the best place with the best care at this time! I can't beleive she is almost 2 weeks (tomorrow). Love you guys!

  3. Loved seeing you guys Saturday! And! I've reset my Google password so I should be able to comment away from now on! :)

    I love this blog. And, Brielle's story is just amazing...so far!

    Take care.