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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doing Better!

They got Brielles IV in her leg. Her infection count is going down!! She got a blood transfusion this morning, so she is pink again and spunky! She loves her nuc! Kathy cut down one of the green newborn pacifiers so it would work with her breathing tube! She finds alot of comfort in her pacifier! Dad might get to hold her tonight. See how she did resting since 11:30 this afternoon. They switched her back to the long nose prongs since the short prongs were not sealing in her little nose properly they were constantly in by her and she wasnt resting. Hopefully she is happy and healthier now!! She is now 1 lbs 5 oz. 12.5" long. Hopefully she starts to put some meat on her little bones!


  1. Josh and Amber Sooo glad to hear that Brielle is doing a little better today. I'm glad she had a little more peaceful day poor thing deserves it that's for sure and you guys too! The little "peanut" sure keeps you on your toes!
    You three are in my prayers all the time. I need to give you a call later to check with you when I can bring lasagna to you guys. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. Woo Hoo I got to give her her pacifier tonight! She pulled it out and started to cry so the nurse asked me to put it back in:) I was a little nervous at first but she sucked it right in when I got close! One more day closer to holding her:) Love you guys!

  3. Yay! Go Brielle! Go Team Brielle!! :)