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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 weeks old today!

Hard to believe she is 4 weeks old!! Where did the time go? I hope the next 8 weeks in the nicu go this fast! Brielle was at 39% when I was there this morning. She might come off the oscillator tomorrow, but things up there can change in a matter of minutes. She might get to go to a new home soon too (isolet). Some of the nurses were telling us they just sent home a 24 weeker a few weeks ago, 2 weeks before his due date. Well the mom and baby came in today to visit so I got to meet them both :) It was encouraging to see another 24 weeker who was on the oscillator too in front of my eyes. The mom said it will get better hang in there :) We will. And it is getting better!

Also 4 weeks ago we lost our precious little boy. Cant forget him and never will forget him. We miss you little man! Love you forever! Your little sister is still fighting thanks to you!


  1. Josh and Amber 4 weeks old wow Brielle sure has had a rough 4 weeks but she has shown us all how strong and how much of a fighter she is, her brother is definetly proud. I remember when the twins were in the nicu one of the nurses told me if an adult had to endure what a preemie goes through they would never be able to handle it. Good thoughts and prayers are with you three. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. 4 weeks old!!! Amazing what has all happened in the last 4 weeks...I believe it's only gonna get better! Keep the strong faith and she will be home with you in no time! One more day closer to bringing her home:) Love you guys!