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Friday, June 4, 2010

Room Air

BRIELLE IS ON ROOM AIR!! They removed her breathing tube and she is on CPAP which is the nasal tube in her nose. Shes only on 21% Oxygen and breathing the rest. We got to hear her cry today for the first time now that the tube is gone!!! Shes doing so well!! They are uping her food too!!! So wonderful for 3 days old!! she weighs 1.4lbs today and the doctor said in the next 2 days she should start gaining weight again. She is under the jaundice lights and has some pretty cool sun glasses on! Like her grandma Cindy said, she has such a bright future she needed some cool shades! We had Pastor Kurt come up and do an informal baptism today on Bri. We will have a formal baptism when she comes home.

My wonderful father took care of all of Aydens arrangements. Special thanks to him and Valley Funeral home! We picked out Aydens urn today and are going to create a shadow box in his memory. The nurses did a very good job of making a mold of his feet and taking pictures of his feet and hands. We will be having a very small memorial service for Ayden this Sunday 6/6 at 11am at Trinity Lutheran Church on Allan st. We would like to invite all our family & close friends for the service!

I went home today!!! Today was 4 weeks in the hospital!! It was so weird to leave and get home and see my house again!! I never thought it would feel so good and different!! My furbabies didnt want to leave my side! It was sweet. My wonderful sister in law, Amanda, that has been here for the whole 4 weeks had our kitchen decorated with pink balloons and 3 boxes of diapers and 2 wipes with all our plants and flowers on the counter. It was so sweet!!! My dad and Mary were here last night and cleaned everything nice and neat since they knew I'd be cleaning if it wasnt done lol. Thanks to them!!!

A couple people asked me if I was sad to leave empty handed. Answer is of course! Who wouldnt be. But the more I thought about it, she is only alittle over a pound and I cant take care of her. Its not like she will be home in a week and 8 months old and 5 lbs. I have no control over her care and the NICU is the best place for her to be. They are so caring there that I dont worry like crazy when Im gone. I just think about her nonstop lol. One of the nurses, Sally, came in before we left and she said something that really hit home and sank in. She said that losing Ayden is traumatic yes, but god has a plan for everything. Ayden did his job of keeping his sister in and alive and gave her a chance. He stayed and fought in there for 3 weeks 3 days and got Bri to 24 weeks. he let me get the 2 steroid shots in to help her and then he passed away. Ayden did what he had to do to let Bri survive. She is so right! I was telling my dad that at the funeral home and he said WOW she is right on the head! Very comforting words!


  1. Amber - Thanks so much for sharing your blog with us ladies on Baby Center. I have been thinking and praying for your family.

    Good luck and stay strong mamma!! =)


  2. WELOCME HOME AMBER!!! You and Josh are truly amazing just like your precious daughter and my GRANDDAUGHTER Brielle!!! Those words from the nurse are so powerful and true! And your right Bri is such a trooper just like her MOMMY and DADDY...ohhh that sounds so awesome:) She is truly a miracle! Can't wait to be able to hold her! Love you guys...Grandma Cindy:)