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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What happened?????

Well just cuz I posted that before we went to see her, we get there and she is back to 98%! Her nurse Jennifer doesnt know what happened either! She was doing so good and then boom she wanted to be high again! little fart! She said shes giving the nurses grey hairs too hehe. She was starting to go back down as we left she was at 81% so lets hope when I call later she is back to the 30's!

Got some pics added! (Nurse Terri hehe)


  1. Josh and Amber Thoughts are with Brielle hope her count will get to where the drs. want it. She is a fighter. Prayers are always being said. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. After talking to you a bit ago I'm glad she is doing better AGAIN!!! She just needs her rest for a few more days! I think we would all like getting off this ROLLERCOASTER! Amber, I love all this pics I know you know which one is my favorite! I love the one of Josh looking at her! Love the grow chart at the top too, so cute and cheerful! One more day closer to bringing her home! I can't believe its been almost 4 weeks:) Love you guys!