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Friday, June 25, 2010

Well Brielle is back to where she was Monday unfortunately :( BUT I do feel alittle better than I did momday since the Doctor knows what works and doesnt work and what she likes and doesnt like now. He said hes got her figured out now which makes me alittle more settled. She had her 6th blood transfusion this morning and her 4th platlets today. She is at 100% oxygen again and has been since about Tuesday. She isnt peeing again so they had to put the catheter back in. But it has pee now so thats a good sign! She is starting a few antibiotics again today as well. Did a chest xray and an ECHO today, waiting for results. Other than that she is just resting. So keep the prayers coming! Shes not out the woods yet! She is a fighter and will fight thru this one again! She did it monday she can and will do it again!!


  1. You and Bri are in my thoughts and prayers. Throughout our NICU journey, I've learned how resilient these little ones are. You are a strong mama...never forget that.

  2. What a rough week! Good luck through the weekend!

  3. Amber and Josh It is really amazing how much your little peanut can endure she is surely made from tough and strong stock. May your faith and love continue to give you the much needed support. Prayers and hugs sent your way. Take good care. Love Debbie

  4. Hi Amber and Josh!
    Thank you so much for sharing the link to your blog with us at the Birth Center :) I think about all of you often and I am so happy to catch up on how Brielle is doing!
    The memory card you sent to the floor is beautiful, those little feet are just too precious.
    I knew from being your nurse that you would be a good Momma!
    ps. baby Brittin due in 4 more weeks!

  5. One more challenging week down. Here's hoping that's the end of them! Go, Brielle! You sure are full of surprises! Can't wait til we can bring YOU surprises instead!

  6. One step forward, two steps back...we need to just keep marching forward!!! I'm glad Doctor Abe has figured her out though, he's an awesome doctor and makes things a little easier to understand. Keep the faith! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  7. (Saturday)Grandma & Grandpa up to see Bri today:) Glad she is doing much better! One day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!