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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, Daddy didnt get to hold Little Miss last night. She was just having a stressful day. She went back on the CPAP with the more oxygen, which she seems to like more. If she continues to go backwards she will have the breathing tube down her throat like she started out with to give her a break. Shes so tiny she needs that once in a while. She is having an IV line put back in this morning to have antibiotics for a possible infection. Since she was showing signs of stress, Terri suggested we dont handle her more than we needed. We agree. We love to hold her, but we need her to be strong so she can come home!


  1. You are staying so positive which is wonderful for you all, even Bri!! Babies can sense the stress, so it is absolutely wonderful. Parysers coming your way!

  2. Josh said she was doing better tonight:) Sounds like you all had a rough morning! Tomorrow will be brighter! Love you guys!

  3. Glad you got this gloomy day behind you. Hopefully a little sunshine tomorrow will help your troubles go away! (The sunshine will help boost everyone's energy level! I know I can certainly use it, too!)