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Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Presents for a tiny girl!!!

Ayden came home today! We got his remains back. It was bittersweet to have our little boy home with us now. We can now finish making his memory box.

Went to see Brielle this morning and she had her eyes wide open most of the time we were there. When we first got there she was sooooo cranky and fussy!!!! Daddy thought she needed her diaper changed so our nurse Kathy put her back on her back and me and Josh started changing her diaper. As soon as I opened it, me and Josh looked at each other and our eyes were are wide as Brielles!!! No wonder she was so cranky!!!!!!!! I do not know how something so little couldnt make a diaper that full!!!!! We laughed so hard it hurt!!! But thats why she was cranky!! Good call daddy!!!

We also gave her breast milk on a Q-tip and she LOVED IT!!!! She sucked on it for a good 5 minutes. She is up to 11ml now of milk. Go Bri!! Going back around 3 to hold the little peanut!


  1. Josh and Amber Just got back from my visit with you three - it sure was great to see Amber holding the "peanut". She is a doll. It's truly amazing to see you with her you are great parents. Take care and God bless Love Debbie

  2. Welcome home Ayden! Everyday there seems to be some new adventure on this journey you are taking! And you are all doing unbelievably great!!! We are sooooo PROUD of you!!!
    OMG! This had to be an awesome visit!!! If she keeps going at this rate she will be home where she belongs in no time:) Can't wait for the day to actually hold her! I love all the hands on you two are getting, excellent training for daddy when she comes home:) But oh how I remember how much of a hlep he was with Chase...he would change Chase's diaper! And then sit on the couch and read to him when he was a baby. Now my baby is GRADUATED!!! Time goes sooo fast! Treasure every moment, good and bad! Love you guys!

  3. OMG for my last post my word varification was WINGS!!!! The first thing I thought of was Ayden!!!! Love you and miss you Ayden!!!! He must be looking over us!!! Love, Grandma Cindy