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Monday, June 21, 2010

We will make it.........I think........

Bri is still not doing good. She is "in the woods" as the nurse put it. She has a gram neg rod that is the infection they are fighting in her lungs. Now that something is growing they know what to fight. Her kidneys are not working, shes not peeing. They put in a catheter hoping it would drain her bladder but there was nothing in her bladder. They determined that her lungs were over inflated so they decreased the pressure on the oscillator to deflate the lungs a bit. It worked. Her heart was small, they are thinking due to her lungs being over inflated. After they did that her heart is still small but its bigger than it was before. Her potassium level was pretty high so she is on a potassium drip to try to get that down so she can pee. They still cant get the line into her so they have to keep poking her. She is so bruised and poked everywhere. Dr. Abe suspects he cant get in because of her over inflated lungs it pushed on the heart decreasing blood flow. So her veins just arent cooperating. So they are going to try in the morning again. She is still not being fed the milk, she is just on IV fluids and all these antibiotics. Today she had some tears in her eyes. It kills me so bad to see that! I just want to reach in and grab her, cuddle her, soothe her, kiss it and make it all go away! But i cant. Its heartbreaking as a mom to not be able to help her in anyway. I can see the hurt and pain in Joshs eyes and that is so hard for me too! He's my rock, and when I start to see him crumble away its not easy! I know he needs to just as much as I do but it wont ever make it easy! We are trying to stay strong for each other but its getting the best of us!


  1. Josh and Amber I know it must be so very very hard for you to write you "blogs", especially when they are so heartbreaking like this one; I have tears rolling down my cheek and can hardly read it to Les. I give You Amber, so much credit and SOO much respect that you are doing all of this. Not only are you handling everything Brielle is going through, but you are sharing your story and your pain with us. Thank you for being so strong, and keeping us informed. You are truly a great mom and friend. Stay strong for Brielle. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Very sad day...Thanks Jill for email...you made it sound more positive for us. This is one hell of a roller coaster ride! No wonder I never liked roller coasters!!! And never will!!! Bri is such a remarkable fighter. If this does not bring out the faith in people nothing will. She is our very special little miracle. We love her sooooo much! Love you guys!