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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well my 3 pounder is now 3lbs 3.4oz! She looks so much bigger too. She actually has meat on her legs and arms now! She is starting to show more and more features and look like a little baby now. Not that she never did, but she just looks "older" as the nurses say. Not much to report today. She got her 2 month shots today. I cant believe tomorrow at 8:52 pm she will be 2 months! Time is flying! I had to work so I snuggled her in the morning and went to work and Josh stayed with her while she got her shots. I felt better that way too! He text me at work and said they gave her some "sweeties" on her nuc (sugar water) and she just sucked away and never cried, flinched, woke up, or wrinkled her forehead. I knew she would be a trooper! She has been since day one! Shes used to being poked unfortunately and this poke didnt even phase her either. She was realllly buzzy tonight while we were holding her so mom and dad put her to bed and had a movie date night on the couch. Much needed and tomorrow I am going to get her nursery all cleaned out and get everything ready for my showers next weekend so theres somewhere to go with everything she is so blessed to receive!


  1. Josh and Amber It is so nice reading your blog when things are going smoother. Your little peanut is taking off right before your eyes. That is really awesome. Once you start getting some baby items in that nursery, it will really seem real soon you can take your precious Brielle home. We are all so thankful that she is doing better and Ayden is so proud of his little sister. Prayers and good thoughts being sent. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. YEAH Bri!!! You are such a big girl!!! Reminds me of when I sent the boys with Grandma or Daddy to get their shots! It would have hurt me more than the boys...One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!