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Monday, July 19, 2010

To do surgery or not to do surgery?????

Well another uncertainty in the world of a preemie!! Brielles ECHO came back and her PDA did close slightly. Soooooo is she closing slowly or will she still need to have the surgery?? This is the question the doctors are facing and trying to decide. Now for the part I do NOT like...She will have to go to Milwaukee. :( Apparently they are down a surgeon so that is why she has to go down there. The risk of transporting her is a risk in itself and the risk of not sending her and leaving the PDA is a risk as well. And depending on my insurance she will come back or they will refuse to pay for her transport back :( And she will have to stay there til she comes home. That is the ultimate worse! So mommy wont sleep til I get word tomorrow as to what they decide......Not news I wanted to hear but thats the name of this game I guess. The good, the bad, the evil.

On a lighter note.....Dr Abe called Brielle a "Superstar" today!! & I heard she is starting to have seniority around there. They upped Brielles calories to 26 to try to put some weight on her. I thought she was gaining good but I guess not. Dr. Debbie would have taken her breathing tube out today and tried her on the CPAP but she didnt want to extubate her if she was having surgery on Wednesday. So that is better news than the first news atleast! Keep the prayers coming and hope we find the right answer.


  1. I live in Milwaukee and you are more than welcome to stay in our guest room any time if you end up having to come down here for surgery. I hope it doesnt come to that though! Thinking of you!

  2. Praying that whatever the choice the doctors make is the right one for Brielle which I'm sure it will be. One day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. Josh and Amber It sounds as if your little stinker wants to challenge those doctors again, she sure is making them earn their degrees and knowledge. Extra extra prayers are being said, good luck at the meeting today hope it is good news, but whatever the outcome, it is what is BEST for your "little Miss" Brielle. Think positive. Take good care. Love Debbie