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Friday, July 2, 2010

Well little miss had her routine one month cranial ultrasound which showed a cyst on her right side of her brain. They will be doing another u/s in a week to see if anymore grow. Say extra prayers none do!!! The effects of this cyst & more are cerebral palsy. So far the one she has is 1cm, fairly large but one is better than more. If one grows on her left side, her chances of cp are very high. Right now she could rewire her brain & have no effects. Thats what I'm hanging on to. Shes a fighter & has overcome quite a bit so far! We are hoping she fights this one too!


  1. Hi Amber,
    Oh little Brielle - you are giving your parents a tough time!!
    The very best advice I can give you Amber, from someone who has been there, is to focus on what you know right now, and not to speculate and worry about what 'might' happen. One cyst on the right side, today means there may be no negative effects at all. Remember that! Think positive thoughts and give her lots of love and try hard (and I know how almost impossible this is!!) not to worry about next week.
    She's proven so far that she's an amazingly tough and determined little thing.
    I'm sending positive thoughts and wishes to you all.
    Take care and give little miss Brielle a squeeze on the toe from me.

  2. Josh and Amber My goodness what does one say to you. Your precious Brielle certainly is going through another big bump on her journey of life, my heart just breaks for her. She has been a fighter and will continue to be a fighter;
    we all will continue to pray for Brielle. I know it is hard for you, no one can imagine what you are going through, stay strong for your little Miss, I believe she can sense your emotions and she can feel the love pouring out to her. Take good care Love Debbie

  3. Bri is a real fighter, I have faith she will overcome this. I must say I was in shock when I heard this though, never expected to hear this. Everything was going so well. Thanks Jill for some encouraging information today! We need to stay strong and keep the faith! Miracles happen, she has proven this to us already! She has so much love, support and tons of people praying for her! She is a very stong little girl. One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!