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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Special Delivery!!!!

Well it was mommys first day back to work. Was alittle sad. Felt I should be elsewhere. Then I got flowers given to be from the service desk. (Special Thank you to the deliveree-You know who you are and I think I might too :P) I opened the card and it was from "Little Miss" Brielle!!! There was a very very very nicely written card with it!! It was sooooooo cute I cried!! It said that god and Ayden were watching over her and she needed to be there to get strong to come home with me and daddy. And that it was okay mommy you have to go to work and she understands and when I do come to visit after work, our visit would be extra extra special and extra hugs!! She was right :) I couldnt wait I went up right away to give her extra hugs and kisses!!! Daddy held her for 2 hours this morning while I was at work and Mommy held her for 2 hours after work! I Gave her her second bath ever!! Watched her poop on the nurse :) and we weighed her!! Guess how much??? 2 lbs 10.7oz!!!!! YAY she is over 2 1/2 lbs already!!! Moving right along to 3 lbs!!! Not sure what her surgery will impact her weight tho. Have to wait and see! I'm not very good at waiting! But this whole process has definately taught me to be more patient! O and guess what again!! She is...........drum roll.............15 inches long!!!!!!! Long way from her 12" at birth! and her head is 26" circ. from 22 at birth. What a big girl!!! What am I going to do when she is like 6lbs??? She seems so big to me already at 2 1/2 lbs and I'm starting to get comfortable rolling her over and moving her etc. Even tho she cant cry she sure does tell you by her cute little faces that shes not happy!! She sucks on her breathing tube so loud you can hear it! She was making duck call noises tonight. Daddy thinks shes got them down pat and ready to go hunting :) A man can dream cant he :P ECHO tomorrow for her PDA. Dawn let me and Josh listen to it last night. It is LOUD!! Now I know what all the nurses mean! Holy Moly!


  1. Sounds like its been a wonderful day for all of you!!! Pray it keeps getting better! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  2. Josh and Amber Ohhh my goodness got soo excited when I read all the new measurements on Brielle, that's awesome. I'm so happy for her. Hopefully all the stories are correct and after her surgery she will really take off. Praying that all things go as planned for the doctors. I'm glad your day back to work wasn't AS bad as you thought!! Take good care. Love Debbie

  3. Oh! Flowers at work....that had to make your day a little easier! Sweet. Bri is really growing by leaps and bounds...yay!! She'll be home in no time. You won't know what to do with yourselves with all that time at home and not having to run to Neenah!! (I'm sure you'll figure out something to do, huh!!) Take care....

  4. Sounds like a good day at work.. flowers always make me smile. Hope you are doing well with returning to work. I am sure it is going to be really hard.

    And WOOHOO on Bri's measurments. I love reading your updates on her and even more her pictures. She looks so cute in her little outfits. What are the rules on the clothes? I keep meaning to ask when I will be able to put my little boys in some clothes .. I am sure it wont be soon but I would like a goal for clothes! =)

    As always sending tons of prayers to your family.

    Sara (your pprom buddy)