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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So Brielle is 2lbs 13.7oz. We are going to weigh her before we go home tonight so maybe I will repost and she will be 3lbs!! O so Close! My baby girl is getting so big before my eyes! Never thought I'd say that about a 3lb baby!! hehe So the plan so far unless Brielle decides to do things different, is to extubate her on Friday/Saturday. So cross your fingers, eyes, toes, arms, and legs that she stays off the vent!!! Daddys holding her again, and respiratory checked to make sure her tube was in fully in this time before giving her to daddy! My friend Candee made Brielle the cutest blanket tonight!! A cute pattern of circles and butterflys in bright colors of purples, yellows, lime grees, light and dark blues, and hot pinks! A very cute blanket we can use for tummy time when little miss gets home :) Thank you Candee!!!

Well I think thats all! Mama Goose signing off unless shes 3lbs!!


  1. Josh and Amber So wonderful to hear some more good news. I can't believe the little stinker is almost 3 pounds, well I guess I can I always thought and believed she was a little trooper. I sincerely hope things continue to go upward and onward for you guys, it will be nice if she doesn't take too many steps backwards. So we will continue with all of our prayers and good thoughts. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. I think when she weighs 3 pounds we might have to go buy the nurses 3 pounds of CANDY!!!!! YIPPPEEE...She would have almost doubled her weight:) She is doing amazing!!! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!