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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eye Test

Brielle had her eyes tested today for ROP. She has Stage 1 Zone 2. The vessels start to grow from the back to the front. So they are making sure they are growing around the retina and not towards the retina. If they grow towards the retina, they could detach the retina. There are studies that show that the more oxygen she is on the more problems she may have. Since shes been on alot of oxygen, it seems she is doing good with it. So she has some tangling of the vessels but not too bad. Stage 4 is the worst and zone 5 is the best. When she gets to Stage 4 the retina is completely detached. When she gets to Zone 5 there arent problems. So just getting her to Stage 1 Zone 5. Confusing, I KNOW!

She is 2lbs 14.2 oz today. Little fart just wont hit 3lbs! She is tolerating the vapo therm very well!! Currently she is at 32% but was down to 26% and she is high sating right now! Likes daddy holding her! Tomorrow I am sitting in on her developmental review. And her ECHO came back the same as last week. Still small to moderate.

Thats about all I know! Work is going okay. Nice to get back to some normalcy, but I am sooo exhausted!! I get up at 6am to the hospital by 7:15. Then to work from 10-3:30, run home to let dogs out quick, change clothes, maybe throw in a quick dinner, and back to the hospital by 4:30 to meet Josh and do her cares. We usually get home around 7 eat and clean up, play with the dogs for a minute and in bed by 10. And then up to do it all over. It will be so nice when shes home and we can eliminate the 20 minute drive to and from the hospital! love all the NICU nurses but its time!!


  1. Josh and Amber Was reading the eye thing talk about confusing (maybe it's just me) Now that she is off the oxygen down her throat is that a good factor then?? Your days are certainly busy and long wow. All good thoughts and prayers are being sent Brielle's way. May the Lord continue to keep her in His care and your shining star Ayden continue to watch over his little sister. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. OK...confused... Let me know when she gets there:) But sounds like another good day for Bri! Loving this ride!!! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. Amber, when you get done with this NICU stint, you should think about your own TV show to explain all this stuff to the 'new' moms! I'm just going to call you Dr. Amber from now on. :) You do a great job of explaining it. But, whew....it's a lot to take in. It's no wonder you're exhausted when you get home! Stay strong....the finish line is getting closer!