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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ayden has a friend....

So it was an exhausting day! I spent about 8 hours in Brielles room today. She was supposed to get extubated today (get her breathing tube out and on Vapo) but she was breathing but not enough to stay on it. So they tried the CPAP again which can give her some breaths but she still just wasnt coming around. She was at 100% oxygen which we dont like to see so they ended up intubating her again so her lungs didnt collapse. She had a VERY long stressful day and is pretty tired! 2 big dirty full diapers in a row! She lost 10g today so maybe thats how lol. She is out growing her preemie diapers so she will be graduating to alittle bigger diaper since she keeps filling the little ones. Talk with the Dr. today regarding her cranial u/s she had this morning and they did have one more small cyst pop up. The one from last friday is still the same size (9mm) and this one is 2mm. Both on the right side. Hoping no more pop up!!

Daddy was holding Bri the other day and commented that she stinked. So turns out she didnt get a bath for awhile when she was sick. Tonight Josh was telling the nurse the story and Brielle stuck out her little famous finger right at Josh and held it there til I got out the camera to prove it, and then was quick to drop her little hand. BUT I got nurse Laura as a witness! hehe Possibly giving her a spa day tomorrow in the tub (well the pink little cleaning bucket)

Lots of prayers for Nikki, Mark, Gavin & collin- A mom & dad of a full term baby had to make the decision to pull life support off their baby that was very ill. It was so heart breaking! Brought back some memories of Ayden and how we felt the night before when the Dr was telling us both of their chances and also the night we went in and they told us we probably wouldnt walk out with any babies. It was so heart wrenching to see a couple go thru that! I wanted to see if she needed someone to talk to since we had just lost a baby. She wanted us to meet little Collin so we went in. He was beautiful! Looked peaceful. We told him that he needed to go find Ayden when he got to Heaven and play and look over their brother and sister! Mom and Dad will always love that little guy as we will always love Ayden. The pain will go away but the memory will never die!


  1. Praying that no more cysts pop up and the ones that are there don't get any bigger. Can I ask what are the long term affects of the cyst? I thought you said something about it in one of your other posts but I can't remember.

  2. She is so pretty in pink!!! Our prayers are with Collin's family. Ayden and Collin are probably already best buds! Miss you Ayden! You are my new shining star at night! Ayden we are ONE more day closer to bringing your little sister home!!! Love you guys!