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Friday, July 23, 2010


Brielle was extubated for the 3rd time now at about 3pm today. The first time she made it 2 hours and this last tuesday when she extubated herself she made it 12 hours and this time she got steroids to help her out so lets hope she makes it for good!! She is fiesty, as I have said since day one!! She DOES NOT like her new nasal prongs and she has pulled them out 4 times in an hour and a half. So Barb has put her in a "straight jacket" swaddler. She managed to break loose when we werent looking and pulled them out again. They are giving her some drugs to settle her down, since she high sats when she is relaxed and she desats when she id fighting. She does however like the fact that she can have her beloved nuc and suck on the whole thing freely! I think she loves not having the tube down her throat but she didnt think she would have an extra tube shoved down her nose. She keeps sneezing which also forces it out. The plus for mommy and daddy is we can hear her trying to fuss and cry. O sweet sound! We havent heard that in over a month!!! Guess what!! she is almost 2 months old!!!! Where did the time go?? Next week she gets to have her first ROP eye test. And in 8 days she gets her 2 month shots :( Such a big girl! I remember asking the Dr. about the ROP eye test out of curiosity and she said "O thats like 31 32 weeks, ALONG time down the road!!" Well guess what! We are ALONG time down the road already! Last night she weighed 2ls 14 oz so we will see what she weighs tonight. 3lbs here we come! Breathing tubes, GOODBYE! (hopefully!!!!) 2 months right around the corner! Bottle feeding in a few weeks!! seems like she is on a roll!!


  1. Josh and Amber So many new and exciting things for Brielle coming up. They sure are keeping her busy. When I saw the nurse place her on her belly and saw Brielle lift her head up, I was so amazed at how strong she really is in more ways than one. Hope and pray good things continue to happen. Keep the faith. Power of prayer is an amazing thing. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. I can't believe how far she has come:) We sure have seen the ups and downs! Pray the only way is up from here on! Troy says she is a miniture Amber:) Sounds like alot of others think the same thing! I think she's gonna speed things up now that she is feeling better:) One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!