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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spa Day

Well Little Miss got her first soak in the tube :) She loved it!! She was wide awake and just layed there. I didnt know how she would do, but she did awesome! We got it on video to always watch!! YAY! Other than that no new news. She is still doing well!! All of everyones prayers are being answered. We are so grateful she is doing this well and keeps climbing. She truly is a fighter. She has shown us all how much she is determined!!


  1. Josh and Amber LOVE the "bright eyed" picture of your little peanut after her bath. She looks so very content. We are so very grateful that she is holding so steady and strong, she is a very determined little girl. That's awesome. It was so great to see her tonight, I could see how she HAS grown. GOOD thoughts and prayers are always being sent your way. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. Aww she is getting so big! I hope I get to see her when I come home this week! She def looks more alert...and those fingers are still long and skinny! :) I'm sure spa days aren't they only thing she will be spoiled with...believe me!

  3. Spa Day! I love it...and bet she did, too! Just got back from vacation so I've had a little catching up to do! (Much rather read the blog than the 1000s of e-mails waiting for me!) Looks like she had a GREAT week. Go Bri!

  4. By the looks of this picture she is loving spa day! One more day closer to bringing her home. Love you guys!