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Sunday, July 25, 2010

54 days In the NICU completed!

54 days down in the NICU! I honestly have to say it doesnt feel like that long. I hope the next month and a half go this fast!! But alot smoother! She can let mommy and daddy and everyone supporting us off her little rollercoaster ride now! She is on a steroid to help with her lungs getting off the vent so it causes her to not be able to gain weight as easily. So she is at 2lbs 14.1 oz. They didnt measure her yet. So Ill let you know tomorrow! She definately looks bigger to me! She is still on the CPAP but now shes on the short prongs instead of the long prongs. So she has to have a hat on that has ties to keep the prongs in her nose. And she needs to keep her mouth shut. Welllll since she was on the breathing tube for so long she is so used to having her mouth wide open that she just wont shut it! So she sometimes has to have a chin strap that goes around her head and chin and keeps her mouth closed. She is still doing very well on her oxygen %. she has her ECHO tomorrow so lets all hope that her PDA is still closing very well and no more talk of possible surgery! She is fine just where she is!! The nurses say sometimes they hear it and sometimes not. So I'm hoping its better than good news tomorrow!!

O and Gma Cindy, mommy, and daddy picked out Brielles material for her curtains for her room :) It is SO cool! I'm way excited! Before you know it We will have her home! So thought we should probably have a room for her to come home it :) I will get pics up when its in order!!


  1. Josh and Amber wow what a long haul your family has been through already, but you know it IS worth it and neccesary so you CAN bring your little peanut home. It is amazing to read some of the tricks and the manovers the nurses use to get their job accomplished. I sure could use one of those chin straps for some one I know, in adult size. ha ha Praying that her ECHO looks better today. I LOVE the part of making curtains for Brielle's room. I'm sure she will love them. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. What a beautiful picture (with no tubes, etc.) of Bri. I can't make up my mind if she looks like Josh or Amber!! I see both of you in her face....at any rate, she's beau-u-u-u-tiful! Can't wait to see the pics of her room...have fun putting it together! All princesses deserve gorgeous surroundings! :)

  3. Yes another good day! And did you notice no real beeps this time I was in there!!! Thanks BRI!!! One more day closer to brining her home! Love you guys!