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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grandmas get to snuggle

Well we got over our selfishness and let the two grandmas snuggle Brielle so far. I know both moms have been dying to hold her since she was born and didnt expect to til she was home. So last night we asked the nurse when she thought others could start to hold Brielle. She said it was soley up to us and she thought she was ready since she loves being held. It was up to us when and if and how long and who. Well my mom was coming up anyways that same night and Josh willingly gave up his time and said he wanted my mom to hold her since it would be a great birthday gift. So when she got here we had her sit in the chair and josh was holding her and I acted like I was going to give her her gift and then said "On second thought, We think you would like this gift better" and placed Bri in her arms. She loved it!!! Then we had to call Cindy and get her to come up the next night so she could hold. She of course said ya not knowing she would be holding! So when she got here she least expected it when Josh put her in her arms. She cried. She didnt think that she would be able to hold her til she came home. And us either. We were not sure. We didnt know what to expect. Or did we know if we would ever want to give her up, since our time is limited to once a day for an hour or so. Some nurses say we are crazy for letting other people hold her already, but how can we not? Our parents have been such a huge support system for us that we atleast wanted to share the joy with them once in awhile. Its easy to be selfish and keep her to ourselves. But sharing the joy is very exciting to see the joy on their faces when they get to hold their grandchild.

Mom and Dad got to give Brielle a bath on their own today!! We did okay! I held her in the water and dad washed her little body and hair. She just loves bath time! Wide awake the whole time.

Brielle is now off her CPAP and on Vapo therm. Next step is the nasal cannula and then nothing! Shes getting there but still has along ways to go. She is losing a bit of weight. She is 2lbs 13 oz now. and still at 15 inches. Everyone said 3lbs was hard to hit and I thought it was easy as she was creeping up sooo fast to it but then she hit 2lbs 14oz and crept right back down. But shes been doing alot on her own as a big girl now so she is just tired and needs to put all her energy into breathing on her own now. She will get there. Glad to see her with all her face gear off and you can see her pretty little eyes and her hair!


  1. Josh and Amber OHHHHH how wonderful for the 2 grandmas. I am crying just from reading how you surprised them, very nice. Brielle is really doing good, you can't complain if she slowed down a little weight wise. she has been going through a lot. Keep the faith and be strong. Our prayers are always for you guys. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. Oh what a WONDERFUL surpise tonight!!!! I could hardly believe I was holding a little baby girl and she is ours!!!! It was an overwhelming feeling tonight! I almost needed her to give me some of her oxygen to take a deep breath! She is just adorable! What a miracle!!! Thanks sooooo much Josh,Amber and of course Brielle for the wonderful surpise tonight, Loved every minute of it! One more day closer to bringing her HOME!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  3. Amber that is wonderful that you are ready to share your beautiful little girl with the grandmas... and what a wonderful thing to surprise them. I wish I could be ready for that since the boys' grandparents are iching for a holding as well..