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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good end to 4th of July!

YAY!! We just called to check on little Miss & she is at 29% oxygen!!!! We breath 21% so shes sooo close to room air! This morning she was at 70%! Just shows how fast a report can change! Josh held her this morning and she did go down in her oxygen some. She started at 65% and was down to 57% when we left. Nurse Barb thought maybe kangarooing helped her sats come down and helped get quite a bit suctioned out of her lungs which helps the sats too. Me and Josh got the boat out for the first time this afternoon for a few hours. We felt guilty as heck going and having fun, but obviously it was okay. She is doing better than we ever expected on her oxygen!! Maybe its Bris way of telling mom and dad its okay to have fun once in awhile.

1 comment:

  1. So glad another good day for Bri! She is on a roll! Praying it stays this way! Glad you and Josh got the boat out! You need to have a little fun! She is in good hands at the NICU! Another day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!