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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thats right folks!! Brielle has reached 3lbs!! She is 3lbs .6oz and 15" to be exact!! She is doing AMAZING on her vapotherm! We couldnt ask for much more progress than she is giving us! Mommy and Daddy are soooo proud of her! Hopefully she keeps that .6oz and doesnt poop it out or something! She was grunting pretty good after we weighed her, but overall after everything is said and done, she reached 3lbs regardless :) Keep growing MY PRECIOUS GIRL! Keep Growing!!!!


  1. Josh and Amber WONDERFULL what awesome news from Little Miss Brielle. So happy for all of you. She sure is a pistol. It sounds as if you had a good day. Extra thank you to the good Lord tonight and more good thoughts and prayers for your peanut. Awesome get some good sleep tonight. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. BRING ON THE CHOCOLATES!!!!!! This is so awesome BRI!!! 3 pounds of candy coming to the NICU for the wonderful nurses!!!! Bon Bon's... is that really the secret to weight on her???? I think it was the magic dust I sprinkled on her when I held her:) YES we are...One more day closer to bringing her HOME!!! Love you guys!!!

  3. Amazing! She'll be bustin' outta NICU in no time! Today 3 lbs, tomorrow...blowin' kisses goodbye! :) Thanks for the great news! Go Team Bri!