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Monday, July 12, 2010

Brielles temperature has been all over the place lately and this morning her fingers were cold to the touch. So the nurse wanted to do some blood tests to make sure she isnt getting an infection. She looks good and is acting good but better to head off an infection early on! I agree!! Dr abe was saying that since her isolette temp is down so low and kind of lowered fast that she might just not be used to the change and sometimes just by uping the temp again will help that, and she is getting old she might just be hotter. So a few things that might be going on. She had her ECHO done just as I was leaving today to see if her PDA is getting better. She also went up a size in diapers!! She was peeing out of her little preemie ones so these are still preemies but up to 6lbs now. They are big on her but not as big as I expected! I held little miss this morning and she was not liking the craddle hold position and went up in the 60% oxygen. So we put her up on my chest kind of like kangarooing and she liked that better. She was in the high 90 sat levels. But then she would drop to 79 in a blink of an eye. She didnt know where she wanted to be today. Keeping all the nurses on their toes. And mom, She had 2 Bradys on me where her heart rate drops really low and she starts to turn blue. Ann and Pam got her out of them pretty fast tho. Scary stuff that little miss shouldnt do :) She weighs 2 lbs 5.7 oz and is 13.5 inches long now. She is eating 21ML every 3 hours now. Dr. Abe didnt see her for a week and said shes getting so big :) Grow baby Grow!!! I had a dream last night after me and laura and josh were discussing her coming home, that We were given the OK to take her home today and I was panicking trying to find a small enough carseat so I can take her home. I think I need to just stop thinking about the day I can bring her home til that week arrives. Getting my hopes up alittle here....Who wouldnt? 6 weeks tomorrow in the NICU


  1. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks already! WOW time goes fast! She is looking bigger and bigger in the pics you are posting. Still think about you guys everyday and wishing you the best of luck through these rocky times.

  2. Josh and Amber Brielle is keeping you all on your toes. You guys will have gray hairs before she reaches her teens ha ha She is just adorable. I know how hard it is on you as parents but staying strong and still have a little laughter about some things is SO very important. You already had to endure more than most parents in a lifetime have to cope with. Keep the strong will GOOD thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS being sent your way. Take good care Love Debbie

  3. Bri will get thru this once again! She is getting so big she grew an inch and a half already! Has to be from all that stretching she likes to do! Praying she has a better day tomorrow...can't believe its been 6 weeks already! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!