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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Puke everywhere!

Well Little Miss is being held by her Daddy right now :) Love seeing Daddy hold his little girl, makes me happy! She is growing!! She is 2lbs 5 oz. She is now in clothes as everyone seen, and they make her look like such a big girl! Every nurse this morning said she is getting to be such a good girl! She is also breathing around her vent tube since shes getting bigger!! Dr. Katie doesnt want to switch her to a bigger tube since she is hoping to switch her to vapo therm in a few days. So mean while we get to listen to her making cute little noises as we hold her! She almost sounds like a dolphin squeaking. Its just too cute!

Got her back in bed, and in her cute little lady bug jammas, and she pukes everywhere!!! All down her back and side. hehe. Daddy was alittle gagged out on it. lol So me and Tracey are trying to change her clothes and Tracey feels her poop in her hand! lol No wonder she was so fussy! lol I feel like she has a poopy diaper every change! Thats good tho!!! Its all moving!


  1. This is wonderful!!! A little puke and poop won't hurt anyone and is good thats she's letting it out! Keep it moving Bri...Daddy will get used to it:) One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  2. Just tell Daddy at least she didn't get it on hime:) She is one strong inspiring little girl. I would love to meet all of you one day.