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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well Dr. Abe is thinking that Brielle has pneumonia again. Her chest xray doesnt look as good as it has been. They got some test and just waiting to see what they come back. Just feels like Little Miss cant get a break like papa Brad said. Dr Abe is also talking about doing surgery next week on her PDA to close it off. So scary since she is such a small little thing!

Well I just called the NICU and Kathy said that her temp is down from 100.4 to 98 the Tylenol is kicking it. and the morphine is settling her she was 100% when I left at 11:30 and she is now at 49%.

I was researching the PDA since I dont know what to think. And most of the stories I read from moms of babies that have had the surgery say that it is more of a risk to not have the surgery than it is to have the surgery. And all their babies are doing wonderful after the surgery and look better than they did before the surgery. Alot of those babies were alert and looking better as soon as the drugs wore off and their vent settings went down after the surgery. And they took off after that! Feedings went up and they were gaining weight! I feel better reading all that that they do in deed get better after the surgery since they dont have proper blood flow going but its still a major surgery she may be facing and as a mom you never want that for your baby!


  1. Oh, Amber & Josh....how scary. I'm so glad you're able to do the research and find other families who have gone through similar things. It certainly must help when faced with these incredible decisions. The NICU has been amazing for Bri so far. Bri will conquer this next obstacle with flying colors! Talk about amazing...it's Bri, Josh and Amber, too!!! Take care! xxx

  2. She truly is amazing! She is such a strong little girl! Just have to keep the faith and stay strong for her! I am so proud of you Amber for doing all this research and keeping everyone informed. I know you and Josh have learned so much thru all this, all the medical terminology is over my head! Just can't wait for the day that she comes home and we can spoil her for everything she has gone through! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. Hi Amber,
    You guys are ALL doing so well. She's a lucky little thing to have such an amazing mom and dad helping to take such good care of her.

    Everything is so scarey and overwhelming in the NICU and it feels like it's just one thing after another sometimes doesn't it? Jaimie had a PDA and had the sugery and it was just like you described- she was like a different little girl afterwards.

    You're doing everything right - asking questions, reaching out to other families who have been there, trusting the doctors and most of all believing in Bri!

    Hang in there!!
    Hugs to Brielle,

  4. Oh man...the NICU rollercoaster was never the ride that we signed up for but found ourselves on anyways. I'm sorry that you have hit this bump in the road with (possibly) pneumonia, as well as a PDA surgery. Although we did not have an issue with Gavin's PDA, I have repeatedly heard about the simplicity of the surgery. Remember to "ride the ride" one day at a time and rejoice in the small things. Together we will get through this :o)

  5. Josh and Amber After talking to you it sounds as if this surgery will make a big big change in Brielle for the better. It is a very hard thing for a parent to watch their child go through what Brielle has had to endure already. She is in excellent hands. Our prayers are always for Brielle to keep up the good fight and for you two, Josh and Amber, to stay strong for each other and keep the much needed faith. Take good care. Love Debbie Amber thanks for the web site it was very intersting reading