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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No surgery!

Yup, you read correct!! Bri is staying right where she is!! Well she get to go for a ride, but it was only to a window seat! And like the nurses said, it will help her know day from night and when to sleep and be awake! So shes not out of the woods yet, but her ECHO did look really much better than last week and her heart is looking much better. So Dr. Abe is just going to monitor her heart and lungs and go from there. So right after the meeting, Brielle decided to pull out her breathing tube while daddy was holding her and gave Daddy, Gpa Mike, Ginny and Miranda a good scare. Josh ran and got me and I came back to 2 respiratory people, the nurse, and Dr abe working on her. They were going to pull the tube tomorrow anyway but Brielle decided NOW! hehe I am still at the hospital right now and she is on the CPAP at a rate of 30 and at 65% oxygen. Alittle higher than we would want her but really for doing it on her own thats pretty good! And she is pissed off at the world right now and we cant get her to settle down. Once she settles and calms down from all the commotion she should go down on her Oxygen. She is crying alittle bit. Yelling at Daneen (respiratory) hehe. So so far she is tolerating her new breathing machine. Lets hope she stays extubated now!! Mommy cant wait to hold tomorrow and maybe she will cry alittle bit for me!


  1. Amber that is fantastic news!! Go Bri :) I laughed at the story of Bril pulling her tube out - Jaimie did that too. It's like they know better than the doctors when it's time to move things up a notch.

    I hope you get to have a good long cuddle with her tomorrow.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts,

  2. Josh and Amber Wonderful wonderful news about the surgery. oHHHH the power of PRAYER. I'm very happy that Brielle does not have to travel and it sounds very hopeful that her valve will continue to close on its own. That must have been heart skipping news. Please know that GOOD thoughts and prayers are always going your way. Give Brielle a big smooch from me. Take good care. Love Debbie

  3. Today was a much needed day with the doctor!!! Very exciting news!!! She is getting so big, 2lbs 13oz..yippeee!!! She is one amazing little girl...she leaves us all speechless sometimes...I could just sit and look at her for hours! Loved seeing her so alert tonight:) And of course all dressed in PINK:) One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!