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Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Shining Star.....

So we went to a campfire at my dads tonight and I was just sitting and happened to look into the sky. There was one lonely but bright star in the sky. I looked at Josh and said "Josh look at that one star" amd he looked at me and said "Ya I know, Ayden." We both thought the same thing. I got Anthony (my 3 year old nephew) and said "look at that star in the sky. That is your baby cousin Ayden." Anthony says "Can I talk to him?" I said "Yes you can. You can say Hi." A few minutes later as hes playing he comes back and says "Look its another Ayden!" He saw another star in the sky. I says to him "Ya, Ayden brought some friends." I remembered then how Grandma Cindy had told me that she has stars in the Sky for her special people that have passed on and now has added Ayden to her nightly star gazing. Just made me feel like Ayden was watching over. Anthony was blowing bubbles as well and a big bubble just kept floating higher and higher into the night sky til you could barely see it anymore and then popped. Another sign? Maybe. Watch over your little sister my son. Make sure that her surgery goes well and keep on pushing her to get strong and big so she can come home. Love you and Miss you, never stop thinking bout you little man. Mama and daddy love you!


  1. Josh and Amber Wow what an amazing story. I truly believe Ayden was telling you he is fine and he is helping keep his sister strong. There are many stories out there. I'll never forget when we were sitting in church for Les' dad's funeral service kind of a gloomy day and during the sermon the sun came out and came in the one church window and cast its sun rays on just the Simon family sitting there. I am sooo happy you and Josh got to do a little something together. Good thoughts and prayers are always going out to you guys and Brielle. I'm sure Brielle had that same star shining in her hospital room. Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. Oh my when you called I got chills! This is awesome...it is an awesome feeling too, believe me I know! Ohhh Debbie how I remember Dad's funeral...that was amazing! Just a sign telling us everything was going to be OK! I'll never forget too how Dad was in acoma, didn't talk and when we were all in the bedroom and we all said the Lords Prayer together including him...I think of that everytime I say it now. Yes there are many stories out there, but we all have some special ones of our own. Ayden was telling you it was ok to be enjoying yourself, you just needed that little reminder from him! Never would have happened if you were not outside, one of Josh's and your favorite places to be...It had to be a very comforting feeling! And now Anthony knows when he wants to talk to his cousin all he has to do is look up to the heavens and look for OUR BRIGHT STAR! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. Mike said to Anthony this weekend "Anthony do you know what that is (the north star was the answer he was looking for) and Anthony said ya that is baby Adyen, Mike looked at me and then I explained the story... It is bittersweet. Now every night he sits on the front porch and talks to Adyen!!