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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend of Showers complete :)

Brielle had her second shower today at grandma Cindys house for daddys family. It was very nice!! We have sooo much stuff for Bri when she gets home :) We put some of it away but we still have quite a ways to go!! there is soooo much!! We got her crib all put together so now we just need the baby that goes with it :) Brielle got her first camo today! It is a pair of bibs! It is sooooooo cute!! daddy was all smiles!!! Its a joke at the hospital that she needs to come home in camo since her due date is technically opening weekend of bow hunting! Its coming quick!!

I forgot to add yesterday, We had lots of balloons at my familys shower and we didnt know what to do with them, so we each took on and released them up to Ayden on Anthonys "Here you go Ayden" command. It was cute! Brought tears to Josh and my eyes.

Brielles lung Xray today showed she is still mildly collapsed and not getting any better, but not any worse. Dr Abe was talking about switching her diaretics to see if he could get some of the fluid off her lungs and get her weaned off her vent settings. We dont want to rush her because that could send her backwards. Its soooo tough because we want her to be that 5 steps ahead of where she is. But like every nurse says to us, she shouldnt be here yet. So its okay where she is. We shouldnt have her right now. So she is doing very well considering her circumstances. She is having to fight for the place she is at right now instead of me pulling all the weight for her. So we have to keep telling ourselves that as well. It is hard!! We see her, she is here! Doing pretty good! Of course we want her to be home already. Who wouldnt? But September is just around the corner. We made is 68 days already we can make it another 42 days til her due date. And maybe she will surprise us and make it home before that :)


  1. The message with the balloons was very touching! What a wonderful idea! The shower today went well! Sorry it had to be so hot, but it was much better than rain:) She sure did get some nice gifts from everyone and what a wonderful turnout! Sure wish she could have joined us! but we are one more day closer to bringing her home!!! Have fun decorating with all the new fun stuff...and Josh the bath toys are for Bri:) Love you guys!

  2. Josh and Amber What a wonderful shower you two had for Brielle. She will use all of that stuff soon BELIEVE it. Cindy did a nice job everything was great. Now you can start to get Bri's room ready a little bit at a time. Praying that her path gets smoother and smoother every day. Take good care. Love Debbie