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Monday, August 30, 2010


Sooooo I have some news that I want to share but dont want to jinx us!! But so many of you have been so supportive and on this rollercoaster with us, cried with us, laughed with us, smiled with us, and worried with us! SO I'm just going to spill the beans!!! Brielle MIGHT get to come home Wed/Thurs. That is the doctors goal anyways! She told me today just literally 15 minutes ago I couldnt even wait to get it out! Tomorrow she has an MRI on her head to make sure that nomore cysts popped up. She will be coming home on oxyen and a monitor but we will take her on whatever she needs! She also has to do the carseat test, but Dr Debbie said she kind of has an advantage there because shes coming home on oxygen anyways so if she desats mildly its no big deal! She passed her hearing test yesterday! Her eyes are looking great! Mom and dad need to do the oxygen and monitor and CPR training before she leaves. Other than that we are well on our way to heading out the door and in our home as a family for the first time! Our little 24 week miracle baby is actually coming home! I cant believe it and I wish someone was here to pinch me!!! It has been such a distant dream for the last 3 months and now its becoming a reality! This journey has not been an easy one! But we have such GREAT family and friends, that know who they are, that have made our process just alittle bit easier! This process has brought alot of people closer and our faith stronger! God has sure answered alot of prayers! Ayden has once again done his job and is sending his sister home to mom and dad! She is definately worth this rollercoaster ride and journey! But we are all more than willing for this ride to slow down for a bit! Dr Debbie says dont count it! Brielle always has to have some drama in her exciting life :) Boy aint that the truth!! Like Nurse Terri said, Shes had the full NICU experience! From the Oscillator to vent to CPAP to vapotherm to oxygen tank shes been on every type of breathing machine sometimes more than once! From being a miracle and healthy to getting so sick with pneumonia, not once but twice, we questioned her fate, to coming home 2 weeks before her due date. To facing the PDA surgery to avoiding it! Having laser surgery and doing very well! Having 2 cysts on her brain and we have faith she will too beat those odds! Just to name a few! All in all our miracle is coming home!!!


  1. Josh and Amber What an exciting Blob to read. I knew Miss Brielle would not disappoint you guys, not with her big brother Ayden taking her by the hand and guiding her. The end of the hospital journey is almost over and now you three can begin your journey at home as a family. AWESOME AWESOME. Remember if you need help with anything please feel free to call. Continue keeping up your strong faith, it will ALWAYS help you get through good and bad times. So happy for all of you. Take good care. Prayers and good thoughts always being sent. Love Debbie

  2. Another awesome doctor report:) Just a couple more days!!!! Those nurses are really gonna miss all of you! But you know they are going to be sooo happy for you! This will be a Labor Day weekend you will never forget! We are one more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. What great news!! Go, Brielle! Fingers crossed that she aces the rest of the tests--and she's home in her own bed this week! The last two mom & dad pics are the best! Take care--keep checking off the checklist!