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Friday, August 27, 2010

Gotta Love Set backs

Well little Miss is taking her own approach on things! She didnt like mom and dads goal of going home next week. Dr Abe came to talk to us today and said that we shouldnt plan on her going home next week. :( She has been having more bradys and desats when she is eating. Sally from speech therapy came to feed her today and she desated quite a bit during her feeding. She said she isnt ready yet to go home the way she is eating right now. He did however lower her cannula flow to 1/8 of a liter which is the lowest the one on their wall goes so they were trying to find a new flow sensor thingy or were going to have to hook her up to an oxygen tank that goes lower than 1/8. So I guess at this point were just going to go day by day and try not to look to far ahead. Shes the boss as nurse Kathy would say! Boy does she know her or what!!! This news has my head spinning. In one sense I know its best for her. In another I'm super bummed! We were doing so well and moving at a good pace, and I quit my job, and my baby was coming home!! Everything was PERFECT! Now everythings up in the air! Never know what to think. Dr Abe did say tho that shes proved everyone wrong already so she could just all of the sudden take off and make it home late next week, but not if she continues this way. My emotions are stirring everywhere and I feel like I could just bawl at the drop of a dime! But no time for that! Need to just keep trucking and leave it in gods hands! He hasnt failed us yet and he wont this time!


  1. Just have to keep the faith! She will be home soon! Like Josh said...better safe than sorry...atleast you know we are nearing the end. Just keep the prayers rolling and stay strong. She is doing wonderful and actually ahead of the game...Its all up to her. She is already in control:) Guess she wants to do things her way...she has proved enough to us, so I think its fair that we can be strong and prove to her that we can wait for her too. She will be that much stronger when you do bring her home! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  2. Josh and Amber OH what a big let down for you two. I truly know how you feel. My twins due date was March 25 and I did not get them home until April 4th. The Drs. are the professionals in these matters and they want what is best and safest for Brielle. I know how very hard it is for you, the time to take her home with you is so close you can taste it, BUT it will happen SOON. Hang in there a little bit longer I know every one keeps telling you that over and over, but at the end it will all be worth it when you are home and snuggling with Bri in YOUR recliner. Take good care Love Debbie