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Thursday, August 5, 2010

2nd ROP appt.

Brielle had her second eye screening for ROP (retinopothy of prematurity). She is now at Zone 1 stage 2. When they get to stage 3 she will have the laser surgery. There is no knowing when or if that could be. Next Thursdayish when she has her 7-10 day followup appt they will either stay where they are now, get worse, or correct themselves. Both Drs said that it doesnt surprise them that she has some sort of ROP. With her being 24 weeks 2 days when she was born and then being on the amount of oxygen she is on, its not shocking. So only time will tell what she does! I found this webpage that explained the condition pretty well I thought if you'd like more info. Its difficult to explain!


Our little Angel is now 3lbs 9 oz! Not bad! she has gained 9oz in a week! She will be 4lbs before we even know it!! Mommy hasnt been doing her job and was behind on laundry, so she was put into a newborn outfit I had up there that was long but skinny enough to fit her! She didnt look to small in it! Hard to believe that she can almost fit in her preemie clothes already! They are poking her little heels tomorrow moring to check a blood gas and see what her CO2 level is at to see if they can wean her settings on her vapo therm at all. Lets hope we can!! The lower those settings are, the closer to bottle feedings, and closer to coming home!


  1. Almost 4 pounds! remember we will have to go to the Otter when she reaches 4 pounds:) I am sorry I missed seeing you three yesterday. Please say hi to all the nurses for us.

  2. Josh and Amber She sure is looking good I could really see some meat on her lttle body. The Doctors know what is best for Bri, who knows, her eyes may decide to correct on their own. All things are being done which benefit Brielle the best. Keep the strong faith, don't let it dim. Prayers can work miracles. Take good care. Have fun at your shower on Saturday, you need to relax a little and have some fun-Brielle would want that. Love Debbie

  3. Still not understanding the eye thing, but I'm sure the doctors know what they are doing:) And Bri will certainly cooperate! We are all so blessed, she is such a miracle to all of us. One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  4. amber I just have to say that the pictures are so cute and you can tell she is getting bigger.. and bigger ..

    I LOVE the wide awake picture.. awww...