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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Center of Attention

Brielle is now down to 2 liters on her vapotherm!!!! She is almost off vapo and on the nasal cannula!! She can come home on nasal cannula not on vapo! So big step!! Then she has to learn how to eat! Yesterday she took 20% of her feeding! Not too bad! Eye appt tomorrow. Other than that not too much to report! Bath day, vapo turned down, drank all but 5ML at 130 for me! Busy day for her! She was wore out tonight when we left! Justin and Lavonne came tonight to see her and her belly was getting full and she had a brady so Angela, her nurse, told Josh to put her on his arm the long way and hold her like that. She LOVED it! and so did all the nurses!!! Nurse Liz from OB hapened to come up and drop off some milk for Bris neighbor so she came to say Hi and then Kristin from RT came and LOVED it so she spread the word and pretty soon there were about 6 nurses all gawking at little miss. It was cute!!!!


  1. AWESOME news again!!! OMG we are getting soooo close!!! She certainly has alot of people that are admiring her and how far she has come! She is one strong little girl! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!!!

  2. Great news! Sounds like Little Bri is the NICU Rock Star!! :) Keep on rocking, Bri!