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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Almost taking a full bottle!!

Brielle is doing soooooo amazing!!! She took 20Ml of 35 the first time she bottle fed. Then that night she only took 7ML. Then this morning she took 20ML and then tonight daddy got her to take 25ML!! Shes not leaving too much in the bottle!!! GO GIRL!! The doctor came in to see Brielle after her bottle feeding this morning and Dr Debbie said that it is amazing that she is getting that much!! She said that with Brielle being 24 weeker and a very sick baby and on all the oxygen shes been on, its surprising that this early she has the suck swallow breath even in play yet. She said that even a baby born at 32 weeks barely has it down at 34 weeks. Brielle will be 35 weeks Sunday!!! Soooo nice to hear news about your baby like that!! And from the Doctor that gets to boot your baby out the door!! :)

She is up to 4lbs 3oz!! We actually had to bring in Newborn clothes today because her preemie clothes barely fit and she gets fussy when shes too tight! who wouldnt!! She also had to be moved up to the newborn swaddle sack because preemie was scrunching her tootsies. Shes doing very well in her crib!!! Very proud of your litte miracle! Me and Daddy got her room all painted and put back together! wasnt going to paint it since we have all the time in the worls ;P But mama got a bug up her you know where and just decided to do it!! Im pleased we did even tho we can barely keep our eyes open right now! I will post pics when it is done completely!


  1. AMAZING!!! So wonderful to read how well she is doing .. GO BRI GO!!!

  2. Sounds like she proving to those doctors and nurses just how big she is! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!