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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eye Surgery- Check

Brielles eye surgery went pretty good! She had to be intubated (breathing tube put back down her throat) almost right away. She stopped breathing and had some heart rate dips and wasnt too happy! So they said after they put the tube in, she was much happier! The procedure ended up taking around 2 hours. We were hoping to have her extubated by 6pm but she was still pretty out of it and sleepy therfore not wanting to breath on her own. So they were leaving her intubated and Lauras goal is to have her extubated by morning. All the alarms and the tube back down, and not seeing her breath very hard, not seeing her awake, not getting to hold her, etc. was bringing back sooo many memories of about a month ago that we werent too keen on! Felt like we took about 20 steps backwards in a matter of hours! Hopefully by morning when we get there she will have taken atleast 10 steps back in the right direction and on her way to coming home in our loving arms where we've been longing for since June! Just another bump in the road. We should be good at all these bumps by now, but I think we were getting to used to the steady road ahead!


  1. Josh and Amber Poor little peanut you just can't help but feel for her wish one could just take all her problems away wish it were that easy. Tomorrow A.M. you will have her back to herself-she needs a lot of rest to overcome all she has gone through today. So sorry you all had to endure another rough bump-BUT she is a fighter and a trooper; Brielle has shown that over and over to us all. You are definetly getting a taste of the great character your daughter is made of. Prayers are being sent as always. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. So glad it went well. She'll be winking at you with those big eyes in no time! Take care...

  3. Bri showed us once again how strong and determined she really is! She had a big day today with the surgery but now her future will be brighter:) One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!!!