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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grow bigger!

Well not much too report. Just growing and getting bigger so she can do big girl things!! We cant wait til they start to introduce the bottle to her. Today the Dr. told me that her lungs are still looking not the best. She has to keep growing lung tissue and he thinks that why she is having problems getting down on her settings on Vapo. The way she went from the vent to the CPAP to the vapo in a few days I thought she would be down on her vapo by now. They were thinking about turing her down on Friday but then her gases went back up. I guess she just isnt ready! But she was 3 lbs 5.6 oz last night so she is growing pretty good! 5 oz in 3 days wasnt bad!!


  1. Josh and Amber What some darling pictures of Bri. She sure is a cutey. Glad things are going pretty smoothly, she will continue to grow and show everyone what a trooper she is. As always our thoughts and prayers are extended to you three. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. She is getting soooo big:) I love the "So Smiley" picture!!! She has had a really good week! I think she is getting prepared to come home! One more day closer to bringing her home!
    Love you guys!