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Sunday, August 15, 2010


BRIELLE ATE HER WHOLE ENTIRE BOTTLE OF 35ML tonight for daddy!! What a big girl!! Tracey her nurse said that she is very impressed!!! To top it off, she had a bath right before which makes her tired to begin with. And then her two patches on the side of her face had to be replaced, and her feeding tube tape, and her one lead on her chest fell off! So she cried for about 5 minutes. That all takes ALOT out of her! So for her to endure all that stuff and still take a bottle is pretty impressive to all!

Brielle is now up to 4lbs 5oz! She is getting too big! Of course she is! The way she chomps that bottle she will come home 10lbs! Now her biggest hurdle to get her home is her oxygen needs. She can come home on oxygen but she cant come home on vapotherm so she needs to get off that! Dr. Debbie said between 3-5 weeks is accurate. Its so close we can taste it!!
We are exhausted from running this marathon and we can see the finish line but just cant get there yet!


  1. Josh and Amber What - more wonderful news on Brielle This is such fun hearing all this awesome GOOD news. She sure is being a good girl. I love the picture of the tiny bottle I have a few of them from the twins in a memory box. All of everyone's prayers are being heard, we're all so grateful for that. Keep up the good work, Bri. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Look at her smile!! What a little sweetie. You can see her sparkling personality just shining through everything! So happy to hear the GREAT news! Hurry home, Brielle...everyone is waiting for you!

  3. Love the new pictures!!! She is suddenly growing fast!!! Yippeee!!! And another great week behind us! Pray this great news keeps coming! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!