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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post #100

Well this is officially my 100th post!! HOLY MOLY! What does that say? Its been almost 4 long months of our life that have changed our lives forever. But we could not be happier. We have a beautiful baby girl who amazes us day after day! She is what keeps us going every day after we are sore and tired and exhausted and would love to just throw in the towel. We got news today that her PDA is closed!!! YAY!! No ligation surgery for that! Dr Abe said that we might hear it once in awhile but its just the vessels that we hear. There is some sort of "valley" that babies who have their PDA open for quite a time still have. But all in all...No surgery and it closed is all I really heard! hehe. This morning I fed little chunker a bottle of 44ML and she was still trying to eat me and everything else that came in her path! She was a mad woman! And she even cried, like alot! She turned all red and held her breath until I rubbed her and she let it out. Put the nuc in front of her and she couldnt get it fast enough!! But even with that she wasnt happy! Geez louise I thought! So I talked to her nurse Pam and told her how she acted and she said she would talk to Abe about putting her on that adlib demand schedule and he agreed to it so she took 50ML for Pam at 1:30 feeding and then took 57ML for dad at 4:30 feeding. I thought 44ML would be a struggle to get into her but she just wanted more! Once again, proved us wrong. They also stopped the diaretic that helps take any fluid off her lungs. He doesnt want her going home on that. We dont either. So we will see how she does with that! Hoping her lungs dont get "wet sounding." She has an oxygen tank that now just attaches to her crib or we wheel with her since she is on a much lower liter flow as they had anticipated her to be on already. Shes down to a 1/16th now. She weighs 5lbs 2.5 now. Getting bigger! Had spa day today and her nurse said she is a natural woman! She just layed there and let me wash her hair and soaked it all in, literally!


  1. Josh and Amber Now this sounds like you have your Brielle back. Wow pretty good for the little peanut to make almost a complete turn around !! Such an amazing trooper she is again and again. It's also good news to hear officially from the Dr. that the valve has closed on its own, A-men another prayer answered. I'm hoping your day was lifted a little- you were so down when I saw you last night (not that you didn't deserve to be) but we'd all rather see Brielle's great mom with a smile. Good thoughts and prayers being sent as always. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Love the Mommy and Daddy pictures on here! Daddy's teeth are even showing:) I heard her crying yesterday when I was talking to Josh...what a sweet sound! Nothing like her roommate hehehe...She is a growing little girl and just wanted more to eat! Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend for all of you! We are one more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  3. Amber, I LOVED seeing the photos of you guys with Brielle! So nice to have a smiling face to put with the name :)
    I'm so thrilled the Brielle is doing so well - she really is a little star!
    Hang in there, the end stretch someone even seems longer than at the beginning doesn't it? Keep focusing on each day as it happens and enjoy all those cuddles and firsts.
    The PDA closure is a huge deal - what a relief not to have that worry anymore.
    Keep the updates coming - Brielle has a whole huge cheering section out here you know ;)
    Take care

  4. What great news! Amber, whether you realize it or not, we're all on this roller coaster with you. Your post yesterday was so sad....I just wanted to hug you all to make it better. But, tday! Yay!! We gotta remember there are up and down days....and Bri mostly has UP!....but those down days are hard to take. Hang in there--you're in our prayers every day! Only a few more days and you'll all be home. Keep your eye on the prize--it's within reach!