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Friday, August 20, 2010

Eye Surgery

Well its official! Eye laser surgery tomorrow morning at 10am. I, in a way feel relieved its just being done and will be over but I feel bad for Brielle. All that she has endured over her short 80 day life, she just cant catch a break. BUT I guess if she has to have any surgery, this is the one we'd choose. Less invasive and quick recovery!! Please send all prayers and happy thoughts her way tomorrow! Hoping it provides a GREAT outcome!

Brielle is now up to 4lbs 12.2oz! Little pork chop!! Still doing good on her 2 liters and they are talking about putting her on the nasal cannula and getting her ready to come home since she will come home on O2!! BRING IT ON!


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! It's getting so close!! I hope her surgery goes well tomorrow and time goes by fast!! I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!!

  2. Joh and Amber Feel so for the little peanut,I know she doesn't know what is going on but she has been through so much, hopefully this will be her last big hurdle. She sure looked like she was resting comfortably in your arms tonight. Try and get some rest yourselves tonight. Extra prayers for a safe and successful eye surgery for Brielle in the A.M. Please dear Lord be with the surgeon and continue to watch over Brielle. Take good care. Love Debbie

  3. Prayers being sent Bri's way! I know she will do fine! She has been thru so much! Glad they are doing it soon if it need to be done, can't stand the waiting game. Get some rest and say extra prayers tonight, will see you in the morning! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!