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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 liters!!!

Well....Came to her 1:30 feeding today and Miss Kathy had a nice surprise for mama!! They turned her Vapotherm settings down to 4 liters!! Which means if she stays and does well and stops being sassy, she can start bottle feeding next week! She was alittle up in her oxygen % but she is working harder! We managed to get her down to about 34% and then she was sassy and had bradys and had to be turned back up. Stinker! So we will see if dad can work his magic tonight :) Eye appointment tomorrow to see if she is the same, worse, or better. Asked Dr. Debbie when she would put Brielle in a crib and her exact words were "When she gets fatter" lol she has to be about 4.5lbs she said. OKAY OKAY I guess we will wait it out!!! I cant wait but we can wait ya know? It will be exciting to see her in something other than a plastic box! Like a real baby crib! For 10 weeks we have seen other babys in cribs and going home etc and being bottle fed, and we are SO ready for it to be Brielles turn! Let the milestones keep coming!!!

Well I am editing this post since I got to the hospital and got new news:

We just got the news that she doesnt have to have the surgery this week. Her eyes have progressed from last week but not as rapidly. He said it wouldnt surprise him if in the next 1-3 weeks she would have to have it but as we said before, he has been wrong and he hopes he is wrong again!

Laura also changed her feeding tube (OG-oral) to a NG (nasal) So now her feeding tube is down her nose instead of down her mouth. We will see how she likes that better!

And last but not least her weight!!...........READY for it............How bout now?............Drum roll please...........suspense music.......okay okay here it is........3lbs 15.7oz. Little stinker!! So tomorrow she SHOULD gain that .3oz and hit 4lbs!! Far from her 1 lbs 6.6 oz at birth! Getting to be a big girl!! Brielle just does not want to be a big girl and get to 4 pounds!! Geez louise!!


  1. Josh and Amber It is soo totally amazing how these nurses and drs. know all this different stuff I know it is their job but all the studying and experience they have had to have to try this and that and go far here to there it is mind boggling. Just am so grateful we have this awesome people at our hospital to give Brielle their all. Am so grateful the Little Miss is doing so well, keep up the good work peanut. Josh and Amber keep the faith you have come a long long way since May. Prayers are always being said for Bri. Taake good care Love Debbie

  2. OMG she is sure to hit 4 pds by tomorrow!!! What a BIG GIRL:) She will be in that big girl crib in no time! How exciting:) One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!